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Decorative plants; plant arrangements; offering custom décor & design service for home and business. Lilis of the field sensitive to the needs of our futures customers, we offer a unique product, easy to maintain and beautiful.

From a spa, a fancy restaurant or an office desk, our Kokedamas transform your space in an incredible place. Buy your plants online today, we’ll deliver them, set them up and install them for you.

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Kokedama often referred to as “the commoner’s bonsai” due to its simple nature, these beautiful plant arrangements offer their owners serenity and a small piece of green/nature wherever they may be.


Kokedamas In Their Natural Habitat


Kokedamas are a type of Bonsai that originated in Japan during the Edo era. They consist of a ball of soil surrounded by moss. The size of the ball limits the overall growth of the plant arrangement making them ideal for just about any space, from the smaller to larger areas.


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